Change log:

v1.0.5 (2022/10/15)

– NEW! Option to remove button or media file on autoreply.
– NEW! Rest Api send histories will be recorded in Outbox.
– NEW! Delete Outbox send histories and delete Outbox medias if older than 1 month.
– NEW! Character normalizer. Normalize accented characters on filename (ex. NÃO-ÁCENT-IMAGE.jpg -> NAO-ACENT-IMAGE.jpg)
– NEW! Export Outboxes by status (PENDING, SENT, FAILED).
– IMPROVED! Search Devices, Autoreply, Outbox, Phonebook auto show result (without hit enter).
– FIXED! Now, filename with accented characters will be automatically converted.
– FIXED! Now, able to send media (image and document) with text/caption.
– FIXED! Better error handling to prevent bulk sending stop sending message.
– REMOVED! Templates menu is removed. Please add Autoreply and input “keyword” => “_Template_xxxxxxxx” (template name) and “response => “Your template text/contents” (template text).

v1.0.4 (2022/09/29)

– NEW! Multi purpose Action button. Edit/show/delete in one button.
– NEW! Copy autoreply from one user to others.
– NEW! Message template dropdown in Send Message page, will show autoreply list.
– NEW! Send Message now support template with image and buttons
– FIXED! Delete device when the device is OFFLINE, produce error.
– FIXED! Bulk sending stops when try to send wrong number.
Now, it will marked as FAILED so can continue with next number.

v1.0.3 (2022/09/20)

– NEW! Device Connection status from api url (without login to admin panel)

– FIXED! Device status automatically changed to OFFLINE after a period of time.
Now, it will stays ONLINE, unless you logout whatsapp.

v1.0.2 (2022/09/13)

– URGENT! Security patch. Please update!
– FIXED! Typo in variable name. Please update!

v1.0.1 (2022/09/09)

– NEW! Add button type (replyButtons & templateButtons) use replyButtons for IOS compatibility.
– NEW! /isonwa to check if then number is registered on whatsapp.
– FIXED! Now, Send “Multi receivers” will send right away.

v1.0.0 (2022/08/31)

– NEW! Rotator and Randomizer for Device senders. Send bulk with multi senders.
– NEW! Multiple Autoreply keywords separated with “,” (comma). Ex: Hello, Olá, Hallo
– NEW! Footer text for Button message
– NEW! Export to xlsx (Outboxes and Phonebooks)
– NEW! Automatically delete Outbox history if it’s older than 1 month
– NEW! Support sending CSV files for media message.
– NEW! Support sending VCARD
– NEW! Support sending LOCATION
– FIXED! Now, Sending mp4 will send proper mp4
– FIXED! Now, Button messages will show on mobile app (android)
– FIXED! Now, VPS can export group contacts
– FIXED! Now, Custom webhook URL will be saved properly

v0.9.rc3 (2022/07/28)

– NEW! Whatsapp logout button.
– NEW! Delete device/sender will logout your Whatsapp as well.
– NEW! Fetch group contacts from your whatsapp
– NEW! Save Groups and save Participants directly to Phonebooks.
– FIXED! No profile picture causing QR code not disappear after scan QR.

v0.9.rc2 (2022/07/19)

– NEW! Add, Edit, and Delete contact inside phonebook menu (click on PHONEBOOK DATA)
– NEW! Whatsapp verification for new users

v0.9.rc1 (2022/07/03)

– NEW! Send vcard (virtual contact) by sending “vcard” text in the message
– NEW! Send multiple numbers from “Send message” menu with comma (“,”)
– NEW! Save sent message through API to database

v0.9.beta3 (2022/06/20)

– FIXED! Missing webhook url edit on Devices menu.
– NEW! Edit webhook file from Devices menu.
– NEW! Default Autoreply if no keyword matched.

v0.9.beta2 (2022/06/12)

– FIXED! Add new Device/Template/Phonebook, error “max = 1”.
– NEW! Autoreply can use {name} to show receiver name. Example: “Hi {name}, How are you today?”.
– NEW! Email notification (registration and reset password) is enabled by default now.

v0.9.beta (2022/06/06)

– FIXED! Send document message but no filename
– FIXED! Socket connection stability issue
– FIXED! Send mp3 media, message sent but no mp3 file
– FIXED! Autoreply expecting array, but null given error

v0.8.9 (2022/05/24)

– FIXED! Send message with GET api not working
– FIXED! Customer can not self-renew after expired

v0.8.8 (2022/05/19)

– NEW! Wallet system for auto-renew subscription
– NEW! Login as.. button in Users menu

v0.8.5 (2022/05/09)

– NEW! Autoreply can use button click as a keyword
– FIXED! Buttons message not sending if multi receivers or scheduled

v0.8.2 (2022/04/30)

– FIXED! Able to send messages to non-whatsapp users
– FIXED! Autoreply gone to sleep mode after a few minutes

v0.8.1 (2022/04/28)

– FIX! Can not show QR code after logout from phone
– FIX! Just delete the Sender from Device-list and re-add the Sender

v0.8.0 (2022/04/27)

– NEW! Using different method of connecting to whatsapp to fix disconnection problem
– FIX! Whatsapp server disconnection
– FIX! Image sending messages problem
– NEW! Adding new parameter on GET & POST Api request please check “Rest Api” page

v0.7.3 (2022/04/14)

– NEW! Buttons message on Send message and Autoreply
– NOT FULLY WORKING! Send media file from “Send Message” menu.
– FULLY WORKING! Send media file from “Autoreply” menu.

v0.6.4 (2022/03/04)

– FIXED! Autoreply edit. “Duplicate found” when save.
– FIXED! Rest Api sample command. Unreadable when in dark mode.
– FIXED! Added buttons array in rest api sample
– FIXED! Api GET command can not send message (because of the buttons message addition)
– FIXED! Class “PDO” not found

v0.6.3 (2022/03/31)

– NEW! Delete buttons for devices, autoreply, outbox, phonebook, template, payment, settings

v0.6.2 (2022/03/30)

– NEW! Button message on Send message menu
– NEW! Search function

v0.6.0 (2022/03/27)

– Payment Gateways (PayPal, Mercado Pago, and Razor pay)

v0.5.21 (2022/03/13)

– BUG FIX. Multi receiver error when sending message through ‘Send Message’ page

v0.5.19 (2022/03/12)

– BUG FIX. Multiple files ‘typo’ causing error on multiple pages because of missing ‘_’ (underscore)

v0.5.18 (2022/03/10)

– INITIAL public beta version